Sunday, January 26, 2014

Girls Weekend Do's

Taking up the whole bed but that's okay!
While daddy is away, the girls will play!

That is what happened this past weekend. Jared and I work together every day in the same office all week. We love each other but sometimes it's nice to take a break from being in each other's faces. Jared took an opportunity to hang with a friend in NYC for the weekend. And as we waved goodbye to him on Thursday, Lyla and I smiled knowing full well our weekend was going to be as much if not more fun this his!

Here is the list for spending a girls weekend to the fullest!

DO throw out the rules.
Goldfish for breakfast? Sure! Cookies for lunch? Why not! Movie marathons? Why yes! Having a girls weekend includes good food and fun so throw out the rules. It won't kill you. We even enjoyed making chocolate chip cookies and eating more dough than cookies! Also, let your girl sleep in your bed for ultimate snuggling!

DO have a dance party.
This is not even an option but a must do. If you love that one song by Frozen so much, listen to it a million times and sing and dance to your hearts content. Go crazy and dance.

DO have a tea party.
Playing pretend is a lot of fun but having a real tea party rocks. Seriously. I loved sitting a the little kiddie table and pour tea out of a minuscule tea pot while sharing tea sandwiches and biscuits. So fun!

DO invite over friends for a funtastic play date.
It's much more fun to play when there are more friends. Mommy can chat with the other moms and the kiddos can all see how messy they can make the house yet have fun.

Singing that same Frozen song is must.

And dress up is also a must.

DO keep your girls weekend secrets.
Don't tell daddy all the fun you had and all the things you did. It's nice to have some secrets between you and your girl.

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