Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Count Your Blessings Wednesday

The evidence...
Walking out to my car today while carrying my 3 y/o (so her pretty shoes wouldn't get full of snow), my purse, my coat, and my car keys, I slipped on ice hidden under the snow and fell. Hard.

Let me tell you, being in your 30s and falling is really not cool. Back as a teen, falling would have not even registered as a blemish on my day. But this old, man I feel it!

I fell directly on my knee ripping a hole in my favorite polka dot leggings. It hurt so f'ing bad! Because the ground was frozen and so were the pebbles of my pebble driveway, I had mini rocks stuck to my knee and my hands. It was a sucky feeling and I felt bad I was so upset with Lyla right there.

So I did what any 30 something would do after falling on the ice and ripping her favorite polka dot leggings. After dropping off Lyla to school I went to McDonalds and got an unhealthy breakfast to make myself feel better. Then I stopped at CVS for a pack of Oreos and a Reese's egg, also to make myself feel better. I additionally called my mom and dad to come over to my house and put a "head band" on my booboo (See, Lyla calls a band-aid a head band and it's so freaking cute I refuse to correct here!).

When I got home and after looking at the knee, it's definitely the size of a softball and I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow. Fun times!

But the moral of the story and why I'm grateful today is for my daughter, Lyla. I fell and as soon as she got up and looked at me upset she said: "It's okay, momma. You're going to be just fine. Don't worry, you'll be okay." And she rubbed my hand. So even though my knee is still throbbing and I'm going to drown my pain in junk food today, I know I have a good kid who is so caring and thoughtful. And I'm proud to have taught her that. So today I'm thankful for her.

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