Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Peach Pie!

This year our garden has produced so many peaches! I mean out of control peaches for the first year ever. We have so many, I decided to make a couple peach pies. Well 3+ hours later...

They look and taste amazing! I definitely spent way too much time on Saturday making them but it was well worth it. Don't they look scrumptious!

Want to know the secret ingredient? You probably don't. But I'll tell you. It's lard. That's right! My husband asked me to make pie crust using lard like from back in the day to see how it'd taste. My entire kitchen smelled of lard all day but it was well worth it. Not the healthiest but try it some day for sure.

I used this pie crust recipe.

And I used Smitten Kitchen's peach pie recipe because it looked the most wholesome to me.

Funny story, I didn't have a fancy cutter to make the latice look with the ridges so I borrowed Lyla's play-doh wheel. Ingenious, I know!

Have any good peach recipes? So. Many. More. Peaches.

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