Friday, July 26, 2013

First Ever Haircut = Total Mom Freakout

I have never cut Lyla's hair. Ever. Until today.

I've been thinking about it and thinking about it for months. She has long, beautiful hair that also has wicked split ends. I have felt like a horrible, selfish mother for not trimming it. But I loved that she was untouched. I loved that the bottom of her hair also happened to be the first sprouts that popped up on her head.

But it had to be trimmed.

I picked up the phone, literally 3 times to make an appointment and refused to do it. Then a friend of mine posted a photo of her three year old with chopped hair up to her chin. She looked adorable and if she could handle that, I can handle a trim! For crying out loud!

I made the appointment that morning and told myself to get over it. It needs to be done.

Last night I cried just thinking about it. This morning I cried, almost canceled the appointment. I grabbed a plastic baggy and told myself I'd just take the hair and save it.

I begrudgingly took her to the salon and 15 minutes later, she had a trim and her hair looked healthy. I did not cry (thankfully) but almost. My baby girl is no longer a baby. She is a big girl who gets hair cuts! But she's still a cutie...

And they gave her a certificate for her first haircut which included a few hair trimmings attached to it. Super cute momentum to keep forever. I survived.




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