Monday, April 08, 2013

Almost Upon the Arrival of 3 But Feeling it Already

My daughter will turn 3 next month. I can't believe how fast time has flown. She is still the light of my life and I love her more than ever. In fact it's impossible to explain just how much I'm in love with my daughter.

I was warned that the threes are worse than the twos. Nah, I said. I'm sure my little angel will be just that.


She is not even 3 yet and I'm losing my mind. In the past week, my darling child has:

  1. Regressed 100% on potty training. Let's just say she is peeing and pooping her pants like it's normal. Best part, she laughs! The last couple days I've been working on it and it's slowly improving but wow, very annoying!
  2. Will not listen. At all. It is impossible to get her attention and the only thing that works it bribing her.
  3. Started touching everything everywhere. None of which she has ever touched before. And now that she is taller, she helps herself to my pens, candy she finds, my money, etc. 
  4. Earned the most ridiculous bargaining skills. She tells me she needs two more minutes to play. Or if she eats two more bites she can have chips. This is all my fault for sure!
  5. Started screaming NO in my face and crossing her arms. If it wasn't adorable, it'd royally piss me off!
  6. Sticking food up her nose. Peas, corn, green beans, jelly beans, etc. I finally told her yesterday that if she sticks food up her nose, I'll have to take her to the doctor and then he'd have to give her a shot up her nose to get it out. I know it's evil but making her scared of a shot in her nose makes her stop putting food up there. I really don't want to be that parent in the ER with a kid who stuck something in their nose, okay?
Needless to say, our parenting efforts are being tested, our livelihood has been compromised and yes my child is about to turn 3. GOD help me to survive the entire year! Tips anyone? :)

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Connect4 said...

Sounds like Molly! For the potty training it's a phase; Molly did the same thing but got better. Nora did the nose thig, but once you scare her a bit she will stop. Just don't give her Cheerios or raisins unsupervised any time soon :)

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