Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why life has changed for the better and other random items

I'm alive!  Really, I am.

In case any of you are worried about me. You know, all three of you reading my blog lol!

I vaguely hinted here about changes soon to come.  And they have come. Yay!

My dear husband has finally been able to quit his horrible, life sucking, miserable, unappreciated job and has taken a position at my company. That is right. We are now working for the same company - and working from home together. AHH! Just kidding! Jared actually just started on Monday so he's going to stay in the office for a while and he'll probably only stay home a few days a week as he likes to go into the office. But he finally got out of his hell hole and into a nice work environment.

I promised him I would not taint his former work place as Jared has been the picture of a good employee and ever so gracious and polite; which is a good thing. So I'll just say this and be done with it. The place he worked (which I will not name) didn't appreciate his talents, didn't treat him with respect, and they walked all over him. Not only that but they stole his morale and changed him into a sad person - for 7 years. When he got the job offer, he was stunned as if to say, it's really over? It was a wonderful thing.

So needless to say it's been HECTIC! It was the worse timing too. I took 3 trips in the last 3 weeks, Jared got the job offer, gave notice at his job, Jared did a guest chef appearance for a local cafe here in our town (which made him out most nights), he had good bye lunches and dinners, and I had trips to plan for. Honesty, it has been ridiculous. I have barely talked to Jared or sat down and just thought this all through for five minutes!

And even thought I just arrived back home from 5 days in Houston, I didn't have quiet time with Jared last night, won't tonight or most of the weekend!  UGH!  But in any event we will have time to just talk and figure out what is next. We need to set ground rules, I told him. We can't talk work every second of our lives and we need to even move Lyla from her school, eventually - which I'm dreading by the way!  I hate to take her from her friends and teachers but she's 20 minutes away in the other direction. So big changes are coming our way still.

I've been a little lackadaisical on this blog as I sort out my travels and our new schedule/routine but I'm finally back.

PS Houston was cool! I'll write more about that soon.

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