Wednesday, January 09, 2013

FU Pinterest

I am a busy working mom who loves to do crafts. But I gotta say, FU Pinterest!

You're giving working moms and busy moms everywhere a bad rep!  I'd be lucky just to have time to have the laundry put away, get the dishes done, put in a full work day, do general tidying up, and have some play time with my child each day.  Let alone have time to make ridiculous cool snacks and crafts.  I mean really, who has time for this crap!

Okay I do get the odd craft in there once in a while as I love to do them but really?  Who is literally sitting there cutting up their vegetable snack into a flower!

Here is what really happens, don't lie Pinterest freaks!
  1. Your child wants a snack so you decide to make them a vegetable snack in the shape of a flower.  Aww, how sweet...
  2. As you look up a photo from Pinterest, your toddler is hanging on to your leg asking for a snack.
  3. You realize you don't have the right lettuce and debate whether or not they will notice.
  4. Child is now realizing you're taking too long and starts to whine for a snack.
  5. You decide to go with it and start washing the veggies and cutting all the while your child is currently having a temper tantrum waiting for food.
  6. You tell your child it's almost ready and then they see something green and say they don't want that, they want gold fish.
  7. You haven't got the gold fish out yet so you're child is yelling again.
  8. You are perfectly arranging cucumber slices into that creative flower snack while you gently pry your screaming child off of you.
  9. Finally you are so satisfied that it looks just like the photo, you have to grab your camera.  All the while, your child is red in the face from fear of starvation.  They just wanted a snack after all.
  10. You snap a few photos of the flower and then oh you must text it to your friends and post on Facebook right away!
  11. Meanwhile your child is crying for a tissue as snots drip down their tearful face.
  12. Finally after they wash their hands, you blow their nose, and promise them something super cool for snack, you delicately place the plate down in front of them.
  13. Finally they throw the plate on the floor with a "WTF mom, I just wanted some freaking gold fish" look on their face.

But you don't care, do you.  You got a photo of your ingenuity. You posted it on Facebook for all the world to see and pin.  And now you're pin is being shared with moms ALL over the world thinking you are a genius creative when in fact you're a fraud!  You make us ALL look bad because we don't have time to make f**ing flowers out of vegetables for snack.  And if we did, the same thing would happen to us.  Lies, all lies! What a waste of time!

1 comment:

christina said...

THIS is why I don't *get* ointerest half the time. Who has time to find all this and then do it?

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