Friday, October 19, 2012

Reminiscing: Our Third Date

In an attempt to write more and remember the good ol' days, I'll be "reminiscing" for you.

I had been home just over two weeks after my surgery.  Before I left, I had met this guy at a fourth of July party.  That had been our first date - if you can call it that.  It was all my friends, an American holiday, my light up flip flops (he'll never let me live that down), and this random Brit I had met.

Our second "date" had been a going away dinner for me before surgery.  It was the two of us a few other old coworkers of ours.  You see, I worked at the same company as this guy but at different times and that is how we had met.

So here I was, two weeks after major open heart surgery and he asked me to accompany him to a concert.  I was hesitant because I couldn't drive, I was sore, very sore, and it was a Hanson concert.  This guy worked for fun and free as a radio DJ for up and coming artists.  He interviewed them, had them on his show, and got many free concert tickets.  

My dad had to drop me off at the concert.  That was embarrassing.  Especially when he let out a huge, smelly fart right when we got there. I got out of that car before the guy could come to the car and I prayed to God I didn't smell!

Luckily I had found a shirt that covered up my bandages (seriously, I still had gauze on my wound!).  It was the first time I saw him after surgery.  In all honesty, I wasn't too sure I'd make it out alive.  I had made peace with the chance that I might die during surgery and I figured I'd never see him again.  Morbid, I know, but I had to face reality that it was possible.

But alas, I was alive and we were together again.  We gingerly walked to the theater and I was so worried about getting pushed and bumped into.  The guy kept close to me and didn't rush me.  Once inside we sat down and had a bite to eat and talked about the upcoming show; curious as to how loud the screaming girls were going to be.

The concert was a blast and the girls did scream loud. I remember at the end (we left before it ended), we were walking up stairs. I could barely catch my breath and I was really hurting.  He turned around and saw me a few steps behind and stopped and waited for me.  I remember thinking he was a gentlemen.  After the show, he drove me all the way home - and extra hour out of his way.  He came in the house and we stood in the kitchen while I got him a drink for the road.  Everyone was asleep at my house and it was very dark.  We didn't kiss but I went up to him and hugged him.  

Being almost a foot taller than me my arms fell nicely around his waste. I just clung on to him.  I didn't want to let go.  I was grateful I was alive and able to spend a third date with him.  He was sweet, handsome, and fun to be with.  I had been so alone and scared and I felt he was the answer to my prayers.  At that moment, I didn't really care who it was but I remember just being happy there was someone to hug and feel grateful for.  He had been a good pick.

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