Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ramblings of an Overtired, Shingles-ridden, Over-worked WAHM

I am tired.

I am in pain.

I hate shingles!

Anyways, work is, well, there are no words.  I'm pulling 15-18 hours a day - no joke!  Up and working around 5am and I'm usually on email checking in and catching up until I'm sleeping at 10/11ish.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Next month should slow down for me; I'm holding out for it!

Shingles, well they suck.  It's not about the bumps or the itching though that part sucks, it's about the pain.  Shingles is in the nerves.  It's been two weeks and there is no end in sight.  The only way I'm able to work and get on with life is by popping pain meds every 5 hours.  Really.  Now I've had the following:
  1. After getting my wisdom teeth removed I endured 4 dry sockets; which some say is the most painful thing.
  2. I've had blood clots in my lungs; which people say is the most painful thing.
  3. I've had open heart surgery because of #2; which is painful let me tell you! 
  4. I gone through 38 hours of labor to have Lyla.
  5. I endured a cesarean section which is major surgery and a rough recovery; with a newborn I might add.
  6. After becoming a mother, I developed De Quervain's or "mother's wrist" and had surgery.
All of the above were painful.  In fact #2 above caused permanent damage in my lungs or pulmonary infarction.  For the rest of my life I have a chronic pain in my side because of this any time I take a deep breath, hiccup, sneeze, etc.  So in other words, I'm no stranger to pain!  I've had every narcotic you can imagine!  And I have my preferences of course.  

So why the hell do I have to have more pain dammit!  Anyways, I'll stop complaining because as always, there are worse situations out there.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to the beach with Lyla.  So what it's a work day.  So what I'm swamped.  I need some down time and fast because if I don't destress, these damn shingles are never going away!

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