Friday, August 24, 2012

My Friday...

Believe it or not, this happened to me today. For real.

My parents came to town to hang out by the pool with Lyla while I worked.  They left right at nap time and right before I had a conference call with a US Government agency for work.  My brother stayed as he's spending the night with us.

When Lyla wasn't sleeping by the time my call happened, I told Mike that he'd have to be on call to grab Lyla if she needed to be entertained during my call.  What happened next, I can't even make this up if I tried...

I got on the phone but Lyla was still awake. I turned the monitor way down so I couldn't hear her.  I started my call.  A few minutes in, Lyla was still talking, but louder.  I asked the folks on the call to hold so I could tell Mike to go get Lyla. I told him to have her go potty, she can pretty much do it herself.

I hear him go upstairs and grab her.  They go to the bathroom and all of a sudden, I hear, "Oh shit, holy cow, Lyla! Crap!"  I go into panic mode thinking she missed the toilet and peed all over - if only that was the case...

Mike barreled down the stairs and quietly knocked on the office door. I put my call on mute, luckily I wasn't talking for him to tell me, loudly, that Lyla had pooped and he stepped in it. Gulp.

I answered the question on the call and then realized, I had to go up there and sort it out.  I politely told the team I had to go for an emergency and they graciously let me hang up.

Upstairs, Lyla was on the toilet and her underwear are on the floor full of shit and Mike's foot print all over the bathroom and my white bath mat.

Of course, Lyla had been telling me she had to poop and that is why she wasn't going to sleep.  Needless to say I cleaned everything up as fast as I could and emailed my contacts to dial back in.

I asked Mike where his shoes where and he says, on the deck.  Joy so not only did the poo get all over my bathroom but he put it on my deck as well.  Good times!

I love working from home sometimes.. lol

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