Friday, August 03, 2012

Home Alone, literally, not the Movie...

Today is day 6 of me being a single mommy.  Jared and his friend took off for the Olympics and London last Sunday won't be back for a couple more days.  I honestly hate being by myself in my house, especially at night.  I've been jumpy, nervous, not getting sleep, and eating everything in sight.  Fun!

Thankfully we can Skype but of course with the time difference it's hard to catch each other at the right time and with Lyla present.  I see all Jared's Facebook photos and updates of where he's going/been and I am so jealous!  I was all for him going to England.  In fact, I've been telling him for months now he should take a trip there to visit with friends/family on his own. I knew he could use a getaway.  But now that he's there I'm so bummed I'm not there too.  

He and his friend are having a great time and I'm here tired, not feeling well, and overeating.  Good times!

Well in any event, Lyla and I have been keeping busy...

Sunday:  We watched a movie and then went to dinner and shopping.
Monday:  We went to Mystic after school/work to see some boats and watch the drawbridge go up and down.  Then had dinner.
Tuesday:  I went to work and Lyla went to Gramma's house.  Then we met up for dinner after.
Wednesday:  After work/school, Gramma and Grampa came to spend a few nights with us and we went to the shoreline and had fish and chips.
Thursday:  After work, we went to dance class and Gramma and Grampa took us to the mall to walk around and have dinner.  Then we had ice cream!
Friday:  I woke up with a cold today so I'm not feeling the best.  We plan to rent a fun kids movie tonight and make popcorn together.
Tomorrow:  We will probably just bum around the house hoping we both don't get more sick!
Sunday:  Jared comes home!  yay!

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