Sunday, June 03, 2012

What I did on my Vacation...

I took 2 weeks off work.  That's right 2 weeks vacation.  Meaning rather than sit at my computer each work day for hours and hours, I only sat at my computer working for an hour or 2 per day while checking emails constantly.  Lame, I know.

But it was a vacation of sorts!  Well if you call potty training and having my inlaws stay for 2 weeks a vacation!

So what else did we do?

We welcomed Jared's parents (Christine and Colin or Oma and Opa) from England.

We went to Touch-a-Truck in East Lyme.  What a great event for kids!

In a news truck

Opa and Oma

Riding the choochoo with Oma


Face painting!

hitting the beach

the happy husband and Oma

We played in the pool.

Jared cleaned it daily...

big girl!

splashing with daddy

loving the pool

strike a pose

all wet!

bad daddy...

eating in bikini

waiting patiently to go swimming


Lyla watched

i'm 2!

We did potty training...

big girl panties!

Uncle Mikey slept over and Lyla put on his clothes all on her own...

We taught Lyla to sing "Georgie":

We also went to the beach, had some fantastic dinners out, some amazing dinners in, and had some relaxation time as well.  It was great to see the family and spend so much time with Lyla.

Now back to the real world...

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