Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Count Your Blessings Wednesday

It's Wednesday, June the 13th. I cannot believe it's so far into 2012 already.

Today is going to be a loonnnnggg day due to my lack of sleep.  First off, I've been watching the entire Brothers and Sisters series on Netflix and it is so good!  When I first saw it on TV I figured it was just another dumb show that wouldn't last.  But I'm on season 4 already and I'm loving it.  Of course I was up last night watching episodes so I couldn't turn it off!  What a great show...if you've not seen it and have Netflix the entire series is on there so get going!

Secondly, my little one had a rough night.  She was up almost every hour so I had to go in and make sure she didn't have to pee or force her to pee.  She didn't have any accidents but I didn't get any sleep.  Fun times!

So what am I grateful for today?  A few random things to be grateful for today:
  1. I'm grateful for father's day this weekend. I have some great custom gifts thanks to Shutterfly and I can't wait to give them out to my daddy and Jared.
  2. I'm grateful I am home all day by myself to get my work on.
  3. For hot coffee.
  4. Play dough (just bought some for Lyla and I can't wait to make a mess with it with her!).
  5. An upcoming trip...Mall of America baby, here my sis and I come!
Have a great day!


JKMommy said...

Hi there! I am a fellow CT blogger at I saw you featured on Connecticut Bloggers and wanted to stop by! I also got hooked into Brothers And Sisters last year and just tore through the series! It's very entertaining! :)

Anonymous said...

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