Sunday, June 10, 2012

About the time when my husband accidentally bought a toy poodle puppy

Last night, Jared and I went to High Hopes' Sympony charity event.  Jared had volunteered his time to create the most beautiful slideshow presentation for the event so we were invited to attend.  In the past, Jared and I used to work for these types of events so it was a first for us to be there as guests/volunteers.  I was looking forward to it and nervous.

There were a ton of silent auction items and all week we joked about getting a trip to New Zealand for a steal or something else pretty cool.  I love silent auctions but I'm always too wimpy to really go for something.  Plus we're trying to not spend too much money right now and save more.

Anyway after seeing the items online we had a few things we were interested in.  I joked about the puppy up for auction saying wouldn't that be fun!  In fact I have been begging for a dog on and off for years.  Jared doesn't want the responsibility and then when our family dog died, I realized I didn't want to go through that again. The subject was dropped for a while and then picked back up here and there every time I saw a pet in need of a home.

Well we got to the auction and bid on a lot of things right up front but eventually got bid out of course.  I still was on about the puppy, don't ask me why.  I said to Jared, come on, bid on the toy poodle puppy!  Joking around of course.  I like normal sized dogs, not mini ones.  

We bid and won a dinner party thing that we're looking forward to attending so that was that.  No more bidding, no more money spent.

But Jared wasn't having it.  He starting putting my name down for random things and I was going to kill him.  Some guy came over with his item and was complaining he didn't have many bids. Jared being a show off just said, sure I'll bid on it.  Turns out it was a boat ride and dinner - Jared gets sea sick. I was so mad at him!  Thankfully someone out bid him but an hour later. If we had won that I would have killed him!

But the bidding slowed down and we sat down for dinner and the symphony. The event was lovely.  Jared's slideshow was beautiful and moved everyone to tears.  We sat there enjoying the music until intermission when Jared begged me to get up and walk around.  I told him we're not bidding on anything else.  Not even to think about it!  Well we went over to the table and there on the clipboard next to the poodle photo was my name with $500.  My jaw dropped and Jared is over there giggling like a little schoolboy who just got busted.  I could not believe it. I told him he is crazy and he better get out bid.

Well a few minutes later they said last call and yup the puppy was ours.  Jared's like no, we will get outbid.  We won't win it.  Nope, we won it.  Jared couldn't believe it.  He felt like an ass and everyone we know at the party got an earful from me and him about how he just "bought" a puppy.

It's unreal.  I didn't realize how much Jared was drinking; enough to bid $500 on a toy poodle puppy which neither of us really want!  Then he informed me that he thinks we won the Bob's Discount Furniture gift certificate as well.  Plus the dinner.  Now for perspective, I got a lecture earlier today that I have to slow down on spending money because we need to save up for things.  Yeah well Jared just spent more than he should of on random auction items.  But I couldn't be mad.  He was having a grand ol' time and we couldn't stop laughing.

When we got back to our table, Jared's seat mate, well she was a hoot all night.  They got along so well.  The symphony had just begun playing America the Beautiful and he tells the lady about the poodle.  She breaks out in this infectious laugh, so loud.  Then we all start laughing at the table. Everyone around us is standing up singing the song in such a lovely patriotic fashion and our table is being ridiculous.  The older man behind starts yelling rudely for Jared and the lady to shut up already.  He was SO rude and I couldn't take it so I walked away and watched from afar.  

I stood in the doorway listening to the symphony, watching Jared and this lady laugh their asses off, and this old man give them dirty looks.  I smiled at the hilarity of it.  My husband just bid for a puppy. I couldn't get my head around it.  I couldn't stop smiling.  I was so proud of Jared for his presentation, I having so much fun all dressed up at this great event, and I was now the owner of a toy poodle puppy.  It was unreal really.

On the way to the car, Jared looked at me and said to me:  You know what, I was not drunk when I bid on that puppy.  You said you wanted the puppy and I thought it would make you happy so I bid on it for you.  I wanted you to have it.

I looked at him and said, What have you done with my husband?

After the event, we went to a bar and regrouped about the puppy.  On the way home, Jared started laughing so hard he had to pull over.  We couldn't stop laughing.  It was a successful night because of the fun we had.  We haven't laughed so much for ages and all because my husband accidentally bought a poodle puppy.

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