Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Traveling Mom

I've been a traveling demon lately!  I've done LA, Cincinnati, Austin, Chicago, Washington DC, and now Aiken, SC in 3 months.  I'm in SC now and look forward to this short trip being done as I won't have to travel again without Lyla for a while now - or so I think!

Traveling has been difficult, tiring, yet entertaining.  Today alone traveling from Hartford to Charlotte and on to Augusta, GA I have seen/heard:
  1. A real life barbie - only with bigger boobs
  2. A woman telling a perfect stranger what a deadbeat her son is and how she's been paying for everything for him. How he's never had a job and she kicked him out of the house and paid for a hotel for a month and now an apartment which he hasn't cleaned in 2 years and smells like piss/shit.  Fun stuff!  Why would you tell anyone this let alone a stranger!
  3. A woman trying to look hip and trending in a very hugging, clingy long sundress only to see every single roll and her entire underwear line.  She was basically naked in front of me.  Wow.
  4. Some poor guy with massive gas on the plane next to me.
  5. A woman chasing her daughter who was running free while she dragged the leash she had on behind her.
Can't wait to be home with my family again!

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