Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Potty Training = Losing 10 Years off my Life

I have no idea how to potty train my child.  How does one know how to do it.  I figured I'd do some research and talk to some moms before I did it.  Then I decided that while my inlaws are here and while I have 2 weeks off work, it would be the perfect time to start.  That way I'd have plenty of time to be with her during it all.

A friend sent me a the 3 day potty training method info.  As soon as I got it, I skimmed most of it and figured I'd try it out.  I warned the family ahead of time that I'd be home with Lyla Sunday - Tuesday to do this.

Day 1:
We woke up and after breakfast, Lyla got her big girl panties on.  I put the potty on the kitchen floor and we went to town.  My MIL and I both decided there is no way this will work in 3 days.  She peed twice in her pants but definitely did not like it.  At nap she woke up dry and I was psyched. The rest of the day it was hit or miss but I did not cave and she wore her panties.  That night I wasn't sure what to do but I figured, hell with it!  I put on her panties and off she went.  At 3am she started to cry and I figured oh well she peed.  Nope she was dry and she peed on the potty.  She woke again at 7 dry.  Whoohoo!

Day 2:
About the same as day 1. A few misses and no poop.  Dry all night.

Day 3:  No misses, poop on potty and confidently telling me when she has to go.  Lyla is potty trained - my MIL and I were wrong.  3 days.  This system was amazing.

But it wasn't all roses.  In this method, you're not supposed to ask the child if they have to go but remind them over and over again that they have to tell you when they need to go.  So of course when Lyla would go 3 hours without going I would stress and stress and try to force her on the potty. But she was so adamant not to sit on the thing.  I figured this is not working but really it was me messing up.  Duh, she will tell me when she has to go.  The minute I trusted her, it worked.  

I have barely slept, I have stressed about pee all over my house, and I've done lots of laundry but in the end, Lyla prevailed and is potty trained after 3 days.  Flipping amazing.

No more diapers, I have lost 10 years off my life from stress and worry, and I have a big girl.


Alex said...

How long has it been since those three days and is the teaching holding up?

Jessie said...

we're on day 5 and maybe one accident per day if that at all. she's doing great!

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