Friday, April 20, 2012

Can't Sleep

On night 3 of no sleep.

Granted it's only 11:30 p.m. right now but I have no hopes for a quiet, peaceful night.

Tuesday night Lyla was up most of the night with what I thought were nightmares.

Wednesday night I was sharing a hotel room with my coworker/sister in Chicago on the most uncomfortable bed with the most uncomfortable pillow.  Thursday night I drank too much cider, played too much whirlyball and spent another restless night in our king bed hotel room.

Tonight, I'm home after my quick trip, in my own bed, with my teething toddler on pain meds and I can't sleep.

Lyla's molars came through when I was away and my poor girl was in so much pain!  I hope she sleeps well tonight.  

I swear on this blog I write only the following:  can't sleep, motherhood stuff, complaints about getting old, and ranting about work.  Are you bored yet?  For any of you still reading I need to get my act together - something else I seem to write about often yet can never seem to get to it.

Tomorrow I'm bringing Lyla to her first birthday party for a friend of hers.  Sunday morning we're having a mass for the one year anniversary of my grandfather's desk.  Tuesday I'm off for a day trip to DC.  Friday I'm in RI for the weekend for a wedding.  The following week Lyla turns 2. Then I'm off to SC for a quick overnight trip.  Then it's mother's day.  Then my inlaws come for 2 weeks.  Then it's summer.

What has happened to 2012?

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