Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blogging from SXSW

I'm here in Austin, Texas among the madness that is SXSW.  Work has sent me here and with a few panels my bosses are presenting, the party we're throwing tonight, and the trade show we're part of all week, it's hectic!

First off, I'm away from my darling girl for 5 days - yes that is right.  5 days!  The longest I've ever been away from her.  Luckily so far it's going by super fast so I'm not concerned just yet.  Give me until tomorrow night when I'm sure I'll be sobbing!

Secondly, it's crazy!  So many people, so many talks, so many parties!  I can't possible do it all.  But I did hit up Bikini's for lunch so I count that as really seeing Austin.  Well I was with all guys and all the other joints were packed so we got wings and saw lots of bikini-top clad women.  Whatever!

Thirdly, I woke up with my eye hurting and I'm pretty sure I may have pink eye.  WTF, right?!  So I look like a martian or something with this bright ass literally pink eye.  But I fit in since here in Austin the slogan is: Keep Austin Weird!

I'm enjoying the warm weather now (it was torrential down pour earlier!) and I'm enjoying the innovative stuff happening all over the place.  I went to a session this morning about being Unplugged which I can total relate to.  I invite you all to Take the Pledge.  Learn more.  

I don't really talk about work on here because I like to keep it personal.  But if you want to follow my #SXSW tweets you can follow me @jmpld40.  I'll try to post some photos as well if I see something cool!

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