Sunday, February 26, 2012

Worst Week Ever...

Here is what my past week looked like - so you can see how I didn't blog too much:

Friday, February 17:  We (Jared, my mom, dad, and I plus Lyla) got in our car and drove to JFK during rush hour to bring Jared to the airport where he was to spend a week in Majorca (an island off the coast of Spain) with his dad.  They have a flat out there and had done some renovations.  Jared and his dad were finishing it off.  Right there, nightmare - 1 year old in car for 4 hours?  Someone get me a drink.

Saturday, February 18:  Threw a party for all my girl friends and only 2 of them could end up coming.  I made cookies, brownies, hot fudge sundaes, etc.  So I had tons of junk food left I had to eat/share. So I got fatter.

Sunday, February 19:  Already missing the husband and let my child sleep in bed with me.  Bad idea.  At 5am, a little arm started choking my neck. I open my eyes and her nose is touching mine and her little voice goes, HI!  Exhausted.

Monday, February 20:  School for Lyla where she is so weirded out with the traveling we've been doing she clings to me and doesn't want to let me go.  Clingy girl + having to leave for work = sad momma.

Tuesday, February 21:  After four nights with no husband and barely sleeping a minute, I have to meet my mom at 8am to drop off Lyla at my office so I can work from there.  Then decided to go out to dinner by myself with Lyla.  Exhausting.

Wednesday, February 22:  Another school day, another clingy girl, an exhausted temp single mom.  The wine bottle is diminishing.  Not to mention it's Ash Wednesday the start of Lent and I've decided to do this.  Meanwhile I'm dreaming of cookies...

Thursday, February 23:  Ugh.  Jared informs me that his flight was booked wrong and he has a 12 hour layover  overnight in Madrid.  WTF!  I messed that up?  How the hell did I mess that up. I can't fix it unless I pay a $900 fee so I booked him a hotel for the night in Madrid.  I feel terrible -  beyond terrible.

Friday, February 24:  Wake up to snow on the ground.  WTF!  My snowblower is not around!  And I'm still on a diet.

Saturday, February 25:  I locked myself out of the house. No lie.  No coat, no cell phone, no purse, nothing.  My brother, Lyla and I waited for an hour in my car for my parents to come only to find they hadn't brought the right key. Called a locksmith who took over an hour. Meanwhile, my neighbor came home and they had my spare key.  Four hours later I was able to get into my house.  I can't even tell you more.  It was awful.  Plus on top of all that, I'm still not eating sugar or carbs.  I'd be a terrible thief since I could not break into my house to save my life.  Oh and it gets worse...

I got a call from Jared. The hotel I had booked with the "free airport shuttle" and only a mile away from the airport was not the case. You had to make a reservation for the shuttle and it was a 20 min drive.  He was CRABBY!  We had a not so nice phone call so, yup, you guessed it, I didn't sleep all night. Not like I could anyways laying on an air mattress at my mom's listening to Lyla snore. And then giving in and letting her lay with me at 5am since she popped up her head and said, HI!  

Sunday, February 26: Day 8 with no sleep - no joke.  Finally picking up Jared at the airport.  Haven't slept but have enough caffeine to operate large machinery.  Another 4 hours in the car with a 1 year old - I dare you to do this, people.

EDIT:  I totally forgot one other hiccup here.  My mom ran out of diapers at her house so I threw on a swim diaper being too lazy to go to my car.  When we were about to leave for our 2 hour trek, my sister mentioned I may want to change it.  Me not wanting to be wasteful thought it was not a big deal.  Ugh.  Bad idea!  We got to JFK and Lyla was soaked.  Her pants, her shirt, sweatshirt, car seat, etc.  Full of pee!  I felt terrible.  She must have peed like 10 times.  So luckily I had an extra outfit and now I get to clean the car seat cover.  Joy!

We finally get home only to find out in my haste to leave on the house on Saturday, someone (I swear not me cause I know better) closed my basement door leaving my cat foodless and litterboxless for 24 hours.  I won't spare you the details of the poop and pee all over nor the half dead mouse and blood on my tan living room carpet. It was not pretty.  After cleaning it all up, doing laundry, having a good cry, and finishing off my bottle of wine, I'm ready to move on from this horrible week.  Never again can Jared leave me here alone.

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