Monday, February 06, 2012

Working Mom Mondays - Traveling checklist

Today I am leaving for LA.  No, that is Los Angeles, correct.  I did not mistype that.  I'm flying, today (in like 3 hours) across the entire country for a 2 day, all day meeting (fun fun fun!) and a red eye flight back.  There are a few problems with this:
a.  I'm not an LA kind of girl - meaning I have not one article of clothing or accessory fit for that city.
b.  I can't stand being away from my child for 3 days and nights.
c.  I've had to load up on the BS in order to psyche myself up for this big presentation I have to give.

I'm SO nervous and am having a hard time with this entire trip, and I haven't even left yet.  I just said goodbye to Lyla and tried really hard to not cry in front of everyone at her school when I dropped her off.

But last night I had to get myself ready to be a professional "big girl" and check everything off my list...

  1. Scratch off glitter nail polish - almost check (still have a few fingers left to go)
  2. Replace tye-dye lap top bag with sleek black bag - check
  3. Pack a suitcase with not anything that I currently own - check (yay for new clothes!)
  4. Find the makeup bag I never use to pack - check
  5. Practice walking in heels around my house - check
  6. Pack my GPS for my rental car - CRAP!  I have to go back to the house now...(which is good I suppose since I forgot my toothbrush too...)
(Packing up my laptop, leaving the Starbucks parking lot where I'm currently working in my car because I don't want to smell like coffee, while I wait for it to be time to leave for the airport.  Driving an extra 40 minutes is not too bad, right?...)

Good thing I made a list BEFORE I left the house, right?  


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Holly said...

Hope you are having a good trip!

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