Monday, February 27, 2012

Working Mom Mondays - Smarty Pants

My daughter is so smart.  It's uncanny!  Sometimes I worry she is too smart!  Last week we were in the car eating ice cream - pre-diet and she looked around and said:  Gramma eating, Grampa eating, mommy eating, and Lyla eating.  It was so cute.  Today Jared went in the office and she looked at me all seriously and said:  Where did daddy go?  She was panic-stricken that he had left again.  She started picking her nose (lovely) and I told her not to do that.  She said no nose?  Then she said, Tissue?  I told her, yes to get a tissue.  She started to climb the stairs.  I told her, no silly, go to the bathroom, open the door, turn on the light and get a tissue.  She went to the bathroom, opened the door, turned on the light and I helped her reach a tissue.  She is so smart.

The other day, I thought my scale in the bathroom was broken.  Me and Lyla weighed ourselves but I really thought something was wrong.  So we headed to the guest bathroom to weigh ourselves again.  Then yesterday, she, on her own, weighed herself and then proceeded by herself to the guest bathroom and started pulling out the scale.  I was laughing hysterically. It was so adorable, yet innocent.  She was not happy with her weight the first time!

I may talk a lot about my kid and how she's better than every other kid but all parents do this.  Right now I have a obsessive reader, singer, dancer, and musician.  She is just incredible and so entertaining to watch.  I love her to pieces and I can't wait to teach her more!

For the record, I have taught her: cool man, dude, awesome, oopsy daisy (one of our favs), and of course go Yankees.

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