Monday, January 09, 2012

Working Mom Mondays - the sicky

My 2012 has been pure laziness so far.  Really. I have no motivation to do anything including writing or blogging.  Sorry about that.  Sometimes when I feel I have so much I have to do it gets me lazy and then the things I want to do suffer.  

This past weekend has been a total washout with Lyla sick.  She has a pretty bad cold and yes just threw up a little bit in my hand.  That should gross me out, right?  But it doesn't.  In fact all weekend as I didn't get any sleep, had buggers all over me, and a sick child clinging to me all waking hours of the day I had this overwhelming desire to have more children.  I find that odd.

Last night as the clothes piled up, the toys lay everywhere, and my to-do list chock full of work I decided, screw it!

I filled up our jacuzzi tub (that we hardly use ever) with warm water, threw in some green bubble bath, and stripped me and Lyla down for some bath time fun. We sat in there and we laughed together.  I put the jets on and that made the bubbles rise up right under Lyla's chin.  She couldn't smile big enough.  We sat in there playing and singing until the water got cold and our skin was ultra pruny.  We rinsed off the bubbles in the shower and then got on our jammies. It was so much fun and just what we needed to end a long miserable weekend.  

After a few nights of barely sleeping, Lyla slept for 14 straight hours last night; which also means I got some quality shut eye.  I guess that that was just what we needed.  Now as I sit here and try to work, with my still sick child clinging on to me, I feel my throat getting scratchy.  I am so not ready to be sick, again.  Let's just hope it passes me by.  

In the mean time, I'm going to try my best to get work done today with my little sicky.  I'll watch way more Sesame Street and Barney than I'd like to or want her to and we'll just have to cuddle a lot.  That's fine by me.

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