Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Trouble maker?

All of a sudden it's very quiet.  I'm sitting in my office while Lyla is playing (supposedly).  But it's too quiet.  I get up wondering what trouble she's getting into.  I look in the living room and don't find her.  Then I see something run by the top of the stairs. She climbed up the stairs.  She know she's not supposed to.

She comes to the top of the stairs and I give her a disapproving look.  She grins.  

I say:  Are you supposed to climb the stairs by yourself? 

I get one of those "I know I'm in trouble but I don't care" smirks.

I repeat:  Are you supposed to climb the stairs by yourself?

She says:  No!

I say:  Then why did you?

She says:  Cause

And then she runs off.

It has begun...

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