Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Smarty Pants

Our daughter is smart.  Maybe a little too smart for her own good.

Lately when she goes to bed, she likes to sing and talk for a bit.  We're fine with this unless it lasts for longer than it should.

Last night was one of those nights.  After more than a half hour, she was still talking or yelling for that matter and banging her feet.  Jared decided to go up and tell her to go to sleep.  Now, Lyla is scared of Jared.  He is the disciplinary in this house which I'm fine with.  She won't listen to me like she does to him.

As soon as Jared started walking up the stairs, it was quiet in the monitor.  Jared said something that I didn't hear and then came back down laughing.  He said as soon as he walked in the room, she laid right down on her belly and started to pretend snore.  

I couldn't believe that she was smart enough to pretend to be sleeping.  At 1!  I'm terrified for what she'll be doing when she's 15!

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