Monday, December 12, 2011

Working Mom Mondays - Make Believe

My daughter just discovered the world of make believe.  It is the most precious thing.  She goes into her kitchen and makes me dinner.  Comes over with a bowl and spoon for me to try it.  I eat it up and then tell her I want more so she goes and makes more.  She "picks" something off the table and feeds it to her pal Grover.  

I don't know if I showed her this when I was playing with her or if she learned it from school but whatever it is it's adorable.  Kids are so honest and naive.  They live in a world where their lives are about fun, learning, and playing.  They don't have worries and have such a vivid imagination.  I am just fascinated with it.  I watch Lyla doing what she's doing and it is so silly yet so creative.  

For one and a half, she is incredibly smart; I like to think she's smarter than any other kid.  But Lyla is not just book smart, she is just smart.  She can name her animals and make their sounds, she can almost sing the ABCs and jingle bells, she can count to 3, she evens says her name when you ask her what it is, and follow almost every command we give her.  But Lyla can also build a tower with her blocks, play pretend in the kitchen, she can pick up her baby and the bottle, feed her, and then burp her.  She can "read" books and has figured out how to turn her toys on and off.  Her new favorite thing, thanks to her dad, is to put her blankie over her head and walk around like a ghost.  She is well trained and knows what she can and can't do around the house.  We have never put up gates or baby proofed our house.  She has learned and follows the rules.  I couldn't ask for a better kid, really.

But what really gets me is her imagination.  Her world of make believe.  I'm just dazzled by her smarts and creativity.  Every day she surprises me with more.  I am the luckiest mom because I have a great kid.  I just hope she holds on to that creativity and imagination all through life.

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