Monday, December 05, 2011

Working Mom Mondays - I'm Convinced My Family Hates Me

Last night I was so tired.  The fact is I have pink eye (again) and am way overworked (typical).  My eye was throbbing and I could barely keep it open.  I went to bed same time as Jared - disaster.  If we go to sleep at the same time, I don't sleep.

Jared is a lawn mower; full blown, motor running, lawn mower at night.  He snores so loud he loses is breath.  It's getting pretty bad that I am trying to get him to the doctor.  

Anyways, we went to sleep last night together and it began.  Jared is snoring.  I am so tired but I can't sleep.  I can't keep my eyes open but I can't sleep.  It's so loud.  I start smacking him.  He gets angry and yells for me to get my headphones.

I run down stairs and get my music and head phones and come back up.  With the music on full blast and my fingers dancing to the beat, I slowly calm down.  He wakes up and tells me to turn it down.  At this point, I am not sleeping and it's after midnight.  I lay there and feel bad for myself.  I'm so tired.  

I guess I do fall asleep at some point only to be wide awake at 2am.  Lyla is screaming.  Awesome.  I go in there and she's fine, just screaming.  I try to calm her down but as soon as I leave she cries again.  I go back in and give her some water and as she keep screaming I fall back into bed.

"My family hates me," I whisper.  Over and over again, "My family hates me."  Jared wakes up and is wondering what I'm talking about.  I tell him that if my family didn't hate me, I'd be able to get some sleep.  

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