Friday, December 02, 2011

Tomorrow and a tree!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away!

That's right, I can't wait for tomorrow!  I've zero time to blog, write, do anything lately.  Between work, Christmas stuff, etc I can't even keep my head a float.  But I have something to look forward to and that's tomorrow!

First off, in the morning my sister and mom are meeting us girls (me and Lyla) to shop!  I  LOVE shopping with my fashionista sister.  I  only will buy clothes for myself if she says it's okay.  I trust her more than myself.  So I may be able to get myself something.  The best part is the mall has a new play area for kids that Lyla loves.  Bribery has never been so easy!  If we need a stroller break we have a place to run around.

Then for lunch, we're going to the new wings place (mom and Jodie don't know this yet but we are!)  I love wings and I can't wait to have me some, yum!

And then we go home, pick up daddy and it's time!  Time for us to get the Griswold Ford family Christmas tree!  Now we've had a lot of obnoxious fun times getting our tree in the past.  There always seems to be a story.  Case and point:

Last year I didn't even have the heart to write about our debacle.  About how we were so excited to go to a new farm to get our tree and when we got there it was SO ghetto.  There were about 5 trees to chose from so  I complained; cause I'm way good at that.  We finally found one that was nice.  It was kind of bare but had a lot of charm.  We got it tied on the roof and then took a scenic drive and saw this gorgeous tree farm and farm stand with hot cider.  Jared says, oh that's the tree farm I meant to go to.  I forgot the name.  Duh!  We stopped for hot cider and had some major tree envy but kept our original pick but it was pretty funny.

That tree ended being the best tree we ever had actually.  It didn't shed at all and stayed gorgeous the whole month. 

But this year we will be going to the nice tree farm and I'm psyched!  Tree shopping is the most fun thing to do at Christmas time.  And I get ultra corny taking photos and having "family" moments.  Jared thinks I'm queer.  But whatever!  I'm SO excited, can you tell?  I hope that this year we have a smooth experience.  And by the way, my tree is going to look better than all of yours, sorry about that in advance.

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