Monday, November 07, 2011

Quality Street - A Perfect Marriage, the End of Diets, & the Beginning of Holiday Gorging

It has begun.

Quality Street chocolates are now available at your local BJs.  (or if you're desperate

My British husband, of course, introduced me to Quality Street chocolates, made by Nestle.  I took an immediate loving to them and they have become a basic staple around the holidays at our house and here's why:

A Perfect Marriage
Those sweet chocolates come in many different flavors.  I myself go for the logs and the pennies (aka as the toffee/chocolate bar and toffee bite - see below).  I LOVE them so much.  They call my name (like now) and are beg me to eat them (I can hear them, I swear).

Jared loves the strawberry cream and the orange cream (gag me!).  So we're never fighting for the ones we like best!  It seriously creates the perfect marriage.  And when the container is half empty with only the coconut ones and solid chocolate ones, we both will eat whatever just to have one last bite of the magnificent taste.

The End of Diets
The day Quality Street chocolates are brought home, it is the end of any dieting.  Like I said, they haunt you and call to you all day long.  My mouth is watering just knowing they are in the other room.  Diet, screw you.  We'll talk again on January 1 provided all these chocolates are gone.

The Beginning of Holiday Gorging
Most importantly, Quality Street signifies it's Christmas time. You can only see them in the store right before Christmas and you have to stock up because they go fast!  The first year we saw them at BJs, Jared bought 2 jars and the next week they were all out!  The following year we never went into BJs in time and got none!  So I spent over $30 on Amazon to have them overnight us some - thank God!  Last year, Jared spotted them shrink wrapped on a crate at the top of the aisle at BJs.  Not even out yet!  So, yes, he did go to the front and ask them to get him two containers down.  Which they did and took forever!  But we got them!

Once Quality Street is in the house, they don't last long.  I will sit on the couch every night and gorge until I want to puke. I just can't stop.  I wonder what they put in them...

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