Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Computers and Kids

Yesterday I took a day off from work.  Lyla and I spent a day doing whatever we wanted together.  We were sitting at my desk coloring hand print turkeys when I decided to take my computer mouse and put on some music.  

Lyla, on my lap, got even more excited and grabbed my mouse. She moved it all around and was having fun. I took this opportunity to navigate to Fisherprice.com and show her some educational games.  We found the right game and then I gave Lyla the mouse to have a go at it.  She moved the mouse around and then lunged for the screen.  I showed her the mouse and how to click on it to move the game.  Screaming and more lunging.  

Oh my God.  Lyla is trying to touch my computer screen.  She has had way too much practice with my iPhone and the iPad.  Now she thinks all screens are touch screen.  Wow.  Just wow.  Her generation will be so different than mine.

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