Monday, October 24, 2011

Working Mom Mondays - Grateful

Today I am reminded at how lucky I am.  Jared had something planned in the city today he needed to do.  So we decided to come in to New York City yesterday and spend the whole day and night here.  Got a massive deal on for a room in Times Square for only $120!!!  Wowsa!  So we couldn't pass it up.

We got up early and went to the Irish section of Yonkers so Jared could have an English breakfast (which he devoured).  We went to the New York Botanical Gardens and saw the pumpkin carvings and the Japanese flower exhibition (LOVE NYBG!).  Photos to come soon.

We then walked around the Chelsea Market area and finally had a nice meal.  Then we checked into our room.

Now it's Monday and I just opened up my laptop and I'm working from the city.  That is the best part of telecommuting.  As long as I have my laptop, I can work anywhere.

So Jared and Lyla are strolling around the city spending the $10 Lyla got from her gramma and great gramma and I'm getting my work done.  No need for a vacation day!

Gotta love sometimes being a work-at-home mom!

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