Monday, October 17, 2011

Working Mom Mondays - Business Trips

I just got back from yet another business trip.  Another one that I did bring my child on.  See, I can't bear to leave my child, ever.  

The thought of flying by myself in perfect peace and harmony, getting a limo to the hotel by myself, staying in a gorgeous suite with champagne and strawberries all to myself, wandering around the resort - just me and no stroller, getting lots of work done without whining or having to play, going to a fancy restaurant by myself and ordering a grand meal slowly without rushing, having an entire evening just to myself, then waking up whenever I want after a good night's sleep and going for a work out, and then finally having a spa treatment all to myself - sounds grand right?  

But it's not as grand as being with my child, forgoing all the peace, quiet, and perks.  It's more grand to see her smiling face every minute of every day.  

So my child goes with my on my business trips and I sure am lucky.

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