Thursday, October 20, 2011


Our lunch time conversation today in the kitchen.

Jared says:  Don't eat a big lunch as I have a nice dinner planned for us tonight and a movie.
Jessie says:  Ugh, but I have to do some work tonight. Save the dinner for tomorrow.
Jared says:  Nope, we're having it tonight. I can taste the yorkshire pudding and gravy now.
Jessie says:  No, Jared, no roast dinners!  They are so unhealthy and too much food for a work night.
Jared says:  Not a big deal, I have a few cornish hens in the fridge so it won't be too much.
Jessie says:  Cornish hens?  Who has cornish hens laying around their fridge?
Jared says:  You don't like cornish hens?
Jessie says:  You're just weird.  You talk about "cornish hens" like it's some leftover chicken lying around.
Jared says:  Cornish hens are delish.  Have you had quail? I will try to get that next time.
Jessie says:  (rolls eyes)  You're just weird.
Jared says:  It's going to be a great dinner! I can't wait!
Jessie says:  Cornish hens...

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Jilly said...

When I was little, I read the book Alias Madame Doubtfire (the movie Mrs. Doubtfire was based on it). The family had a quail as a pet AND they talked about cooking and eating quail. And then I realized that the English are weird.

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