Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A "Dear Lyla" letter

Dear Lyla,

It is October 2011 and you are almost a year and an half old.  Therefore there is no doubt in my mind that some day you will not remember this; hence I am writing to you.
Your daddy and I went to New York City with you overnight.  We had fun walking around, seeing the sights, and eating good food.  On the way home we stopped for dinner at Wild Rice which was very good.  You managed to get half of your noodle dish all over your white sweatshirt, ate a ton of shrimp (your favorite food lately), and drank all of my jasmine tea.  But when you were done with your dinner and I wanted to eat mine, you had a melt down.  I can't blame you.  You were tired, had a long few days, and just wanted to run around free.

The nice Chinese waitress came over and you went to see her and she played with you.  She even gave you a fortune cookie.  She had to go back to work so you sat back down with me with a longing for still hanging out with the nice lady. You kept waving at her, yelling for her, and putting your arms up for her to take you.  I was trying hard to not be offended but I was.

When it came time for us to leave, you again held your arms out to the lady so I obliged for you to give her a hug.  But in the middle of the crowded restaurant, you did not want to let go of her.  You clung on to that lady as if she carried you for nine months, was in labor with you for two days, has fed, clothed, and taken care of you for 18 months, and just genuinely loved you for so long.  You screamed when I tried to take you back.  Your daddy said bye-bye and tried to leave you with her but me, no, I tried to pry you out of her arms while deep inside your actions were cutting me like a knife. Oh the pain of my child preferring the Chinese waitress over me!

There you were screaming to stay with her and the lady was not sure what to do.  She decided to walk out with us while holding you.  Once on the side walk I again tried to pry you away but you refused over and over again.  Without tearing up, which was hard mind you, I finally just grabbed you and pulled with all my might to get you away from her.  You see, you are my child, and I don't care how good that Chinese food was, how many cookies she gave you, or how much you like the show Ni Hao,  Kai Lan.  YOU are MY kid and you are coming home with me, always.  

So then we went to a candy store where I showered you with baby gummy bears and chocolates so that you would remember that it was I who introduced you to chocolate and sour patch kids, remember that?  I gave you junk food when daddy wasn't looking.  I always order you the best meals at Chinese restaurants.  You need me, kid. Not some waitress you've never met before who gives you one cookie and you swoon over her like she has your same DNA.  

So there you have it.  Just remember this story and how I was always there for you, even when you preferred someone else.

You're lucky I love you...



Jilly said...

Aww! I feel for you, I do, but I can't stop giggling.

christina said...

Oh my... it won't be the last time either. This totally made me laugh, I've been there too many times!

There will come a day when leaving her with a waitress will sound like a really awesome idea :)

Jessie said...

lol thanks ladies :)

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