Thursday, September 08, 2011

To Pixie or not to Pixie

I need a new hair cut.  My look is just drab, really.  I've been growing my bangs out all year and every day I just pin them back and put a pony tail in.  I would love to cut my hair short, short, like pixie style but I don't think I could pull it off. I can picture it now:  All the hair is cut, stylist says it looks great, I'm in shock and agree, then cry all the way home.  I keep saying I'm going to grow my hair back out to it's long state but I just don't have the stamina anymore.  Plus when it's long all I do is put it up anyways.  

I seriously have the worst hair ever!  It's super thin and wicked flat.  I. Hate. It.  I was thinking maybe to get a new styled bob or something.  Ugh I can't decide!  Thoughts?!

I read Lyndsay Johnson's blog and her pixie is the bomb!  Rebecca over a the Daily Muse also posted a nice photo of a bob the other day that I salivated over.

I had Jared actually take my photo this morning and put a pixie do on my head.  It was so bad  I could not share it!  So I guess it's a no for pixie.  But I still need a new style!  Thoughts anyone?

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christina said...

Pixies are soooo cute and soooo hard to pull off. I think they only work on really, petite, really sharp featured women (which I am not one of!!!) I do like that bob you linked to though - very cute. I am constantly changing my hair cut/color/style... but I love my stylist and trust her to just go with it.

That said, I look at pictures from TCO last year and I miss my longer hair.

ANYHOO this is about you. I say go to a stylist you trust, talk it over and they will recommend the cut that's right for your hair and your face (and your needs for maintenance). That's their job, after all!

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