Friday, September 16, 2011

Letting Go, My Little Book Nerd

I sit here admiring Lyla's new book shelf.  It was a long time coming as I have been stacking up all her wonderful books in piles all over her room and in baskets.  I finally bought the adorable bookshelf I've been wanting for her room. I took time and got it and then built it in one morning all by myself.  Lyla watched in wonder as the pieces of wood became a 9 square bookshelf.  We filled it up together with me placing all the delicate ones at the top and all her daily reads at the bottom.  Little did I know how much Lyla would love this and how little it would matter how the books were arranged.

Every morning the first thing she does in her room is go to the book shelf and look at the books.  Then ignoring all the little hard board books at the bottom, she digs in right at the top with all the expensive, nice collector books.  I cringe watching her pull them down, bring them over to the floor and flip the pages.  I worry when I see the covers come off of them and little feet tip toe over them.  Oh no, not that one, I think in my head.  But for Lyla she is discovering all these new books that are different than her baby board books. The pages flip nicely, the images are beautiful, and the stories unlike any others.  One by one, she takes them all down.  Again I start to get annoyed at the mess slowly developing on her floor.  I immediately want to get up off of my chair, stop working, and clean it up now.  But what would be the point as Lyla only likes her books and they will be back on the floor in no time.  

So I just sit here and watch her.  Book after book after book goes on the floor.  Some get more time than others, some get read over and over again her Lyla language, while others just get dropped with a loud "Uh oh" coming from her cute, little voice.  No matter how many times I tell Lyla you can't say "uh oh" when you purposely do something, she loves that word and it applies to everything.

I realize that my child is a gem.  She is one of a kind, unique.  She loves to read which is something I have installed since she has been in my womb.  These are her books and she can do what she likes.  I will let go of my fear of a mess, at the thought of ruined books, and just let her explore.  At the end of the day, we'll learn how to clean up and consequences if she is too rough.  But for now, I will just let go and let my little book nerd be.

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