Thursday, May 05, 2011

People are Lazy

Today I'm in the office - yay!  Not that I want a break from my child but today I really needed it.  Last night Jared got home from work around 9pm and by that point I was a walking zombie and not very attractive person.    I did something to my back so I've been in a lot of pain, I'm in all up in birthday party plans, and I'm just exhausted.  So today when I got to hop in my car and have a day of interrupted work, part of me leaped with join inside.  Of course I was so sad to say goodbye to Lyla but she really needed some daddy time for sure.

I got to the parking lot this morning and I park at the back and walk. It's not a huge, long walk but it's to get in some walking and get some fresh air.  Upon getting to the front row of the lot, I see a mini van doing the most ridiculous maneuvers to park in a slot way too small for it.  The first thought in my mind...people are lazy.  It was sad really.

So in any event I'm looking forward to a quiet and productive day and yes I will call and check in on Lyla about every hour...what can I say?!

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