Friday, May 06, 2011

Birthday Party Eve...

...and I'm exhausted and depressed!  The weather looks shite tomorrow and of course our party is at the park.  We do have a pavilion over us but it's not the same as a nice sunny day. Why am I so cursed by the weather Gods? Ugh!

I have spent countless hours planning and executing every detail of this party.  I have had so much fun doing all of it and now it will be semi ruined with a crap day.

Anyways, I had the day off today so I could make these amazing rainbow cupcakes for the party.  They were not hard to make but time consuming for sure.  They are super cool and worth the effort.

All my colors are ready!

This was the time consuming part...

Voila!  Gorgeous layers.

I'll be sure to post a final photo with their gorgeous home made frosting!

For now, I'm going to go to bed saying many a prayer in hopes that this rain just changes its mind!

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