Friday, April 15, 2011

Parents Need a Test!

I am totally disgusted with the way some parents behave. I cannot believe they are allowed to have children.  

I have always thought, and still do, that anyone who has a baby should not be allowed to take home that baby without becoming a 'certified' parent.  I don't know, they have to take a test, prove themselves, something.  There are too many children abused, murdered, and not taken care of.  Being a parent is the biggest responsibility of your life.  Why should people who can't even take care of themselves for some reason or another be allowed to take care of children?  Look at the rigorous information needed from couples who want to adopt.  If a couple wants to adopt, chances are they are good people with good hearts.  But none of that information is required from women who deliver babies every day.  

I just recently saw this news clip about a mom who didn't give her child the proper medication and he died. Devastating!  I can't imagine if I were her going through that and knowing she played the main role in her son's death.

But that is not nearly as devastating as this.  What could be so bad in someone's life that they drive into a river with kids in tow to drown?  Clearly this woman was not all there.  So why was she allowed to have four children!!  My eyes water just reading about this.  

If I ever think about being without my child due to one of our death's, I sob.  Me and my girl have a bond and I love her with all my heart.  I could never hurt her, ever.  I didn't take a test to bring her home but I'm all there.  Okay maybe not always but I am willing and able to take care of her.

What about this girl?  This she is capable of being a loving, nurturing, supportive mom?  Highly doubtful since her mom let her get pregnant at 10!

Just sad.

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