Sunday, March 27, 2011

Puke rocks

It's 1:18 a.m.  I'm wide awake.  We had a nice evening; Jared made a nice noodle stir fry after Lyla went to bed and Lyla had a crab cake, some vegetables, and jello earlier.  Jared and I sat and watched Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams and it turned out to be a pretty good flick.  Meanwhile, I heard something on the monitor.  Lyla was waking up? She started to yell and then it got quiet so I didn't worry and check on her.

Ten minutes later I went up to bed and went in her room like always for one final check before I sleep.  Good thing I did... my daughter had puked and was fast asleep lying next to it. Of course, I had to stick my hand in it before realizing what it was.  Yum!  I yelled to Jared, who let's face it is a guy, for help.  Heard the 'why do we need two people' spiel.  I grabbed up the babe and she was still sleeping, amazingly.  I changed her jim jams while Jared took the sheet and soiled clothes to the wash.  We went downstairs where I cleaned her up as best as possible and gave her some water; after changing my top of course since puke had found its way there.

We sat in the chair rocking back to sleep when it happened again.  This time all over me, my hair, Lyla, her hair, the floor on the way to the toilet, the bathroom counter, toilet, carpets, and sink.  I am yelling at Jared to help, with what, I have no idea.  Lyla is puking and totally missing the bowl.  I think about this and wonder, isn't it instinct?  Don't babies learn to puke in the bowl as opposed to over it?  Dismissing that thought, I realize it's the holder with the problem as I position her as best as I can over the bowl.

What to do next?  Well I can't clean up while me and Lyla are a mess so we get in the shower.  It was a nice warm, cleansing shower to get rid of the puke in our hair and all over us.  In the process we managed to get puke in the other bathroom.  Awesome!  After the shower, Lyla perked up a bit and cuddled until she fell back asleep.  I grabbed the cleaning kit and did the best I could, while Jared snored.  Granted he was exhausted for being out in the yard all day.

So now it's after 1 a.m. and I can't decide if I should to bed.  What if she pukes again?  Not that me staying up and staring at her will stop that... But so far it's been 45 minutes and nada.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, as this is the second time I got puked on but way worse as it was in my house; I'm am ever so deserving of an Awesome Award.  That's right.  Congratulations to Jessie of These are Days... for cuddling puky baby, getting puke in her hair, cleaning up puke from everywhere, and showering with a puking baby at 1 a.m. - basically for being a mom. This awesome award is much deserved and I must say I'm proud of myself for not cowering over and puking in addition to Lyla; something I've been known to do.  Yay horray for me. Now let's hope we can get through the night and my poor, sweet girl is okay.  No more grape jello and crab cakes for that kid!

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