Monday, March 14, 2011


My day has reduced me to tears already and it's only 11am.  This time change really messed me up for some reason.  I didn't sleep all night and I was already exhausted.  This morning I dragged myself out of bed because my poor child was up and waiting for me with a disgusting diaper.  I tried to pull myself together and perk up but to no avail.  By 9am I was forcing an early nap upon my tired girl.  

Lyla picked the best week to start temper tantrums.  I gotta tell you, parenting has been easy until now.  This is by far the hardest thing I have encountered yet.  If I put her down she screams. If I put her in her playpen she screams.  If I sit down with her and get her into a toy and then go back to my computer, two minutes later she's screaming.  I try a nap again and she screams.  She is so unhappy right now if she doesn't get her way.  She has a very angry scream that tears my heart apart.  I can't give in, no way.  That is the gateway to a bratty child.

So it's been a stellar day. I feel like crap, Lyla has some issue with being away from me for more than a second. I honestly swear she's not feeling well either because I've never seen her like this.  I'm in tears because I can not handle my child, work, and my head ache today.

(3 hours later)

I took a warm shower, lit myself a fire, and am feeling better.  I got a nice warm lunch in me, Lyla took another short nap, and thanks to Jack's Big Music Show, I have some time to get some work done.  Just another day in the life of the woman trying to do it all!

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Griffin said...

Reading your blog and this post caught my attention: you're not alone...we are going through the exact same thing right now!!! So uncharacteristic of Griffin, but now that I am reading about Lyla's behavior-sounds like they are just growing up. Ick.

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