Thursday, March 03, 2011

Count Your Blessings Wednesdays on a Thursday

I can't believe I didn't take 2 minutes yesterday to sit and be grateful.  Shame on me!  So today I'm grateful for one person - here's the story.

So yesterday I was driving to work (on a Wednesday - I usually only go in on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I was a bit off to begin with).  It's Murphy's Law that the only two days I drive to the office have a crazy accident or traffic jam.  I have the easiest drive (long yet easy) since there is not traffic ever unless you hit an accident.  So anyways I hit a huge traffic jam yesterday and you know how all those ass holes drive up the breakdown lane and merge up later (pissing everyone else off and causing more traffic delays and  you're the person that does this crap, shame on you!).  I was in the left lane behind this Dodge Ram.  Well apparently this dude got pretty angry at all the people flying down the right lane so he went over two lanes and parked his car in the break down lane.  He stayed parallel with me and didn't let any suckers go by him.  He waited patiently in the traffic like everyone else.  Seeing all the cars pile up behind him, flipping him off, honking, etc was priceless!  I am grateful for this man, this stranger for taking one for the team and doing something about the thing we all wish we had the courage to do.  I'm also grateful to him for reminding me to be grateful I'm in traffic rather than the one in the accident.

Here's to you man in the Dodge Ram - Cheers!

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