Friday, January 21, 2011


Ever watch one of those stupid zombie movies like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, etc? You know how those characters who play zombies have buggy eyes, very white skin, are pretty cranky, and totally gross?

I feel like a zombie today.  Honestly. I can barely keep my eyes open, I'm very cranky or let's just say I'm a bitch, and I feel gross.  So all of you out there who dare read my blog, dammit, feel bad for me. Okay?  All of you, just feel bad for me!

Poor me sitting here in my house while I work from home and getting to play with my daughter while my husband does my laundry for me and snow blows my driveway while still planning dinner.  Feel oh so bad for me!


Connect4 said...

Sure, I'll feel bad for you (my wife was the same way this morning), but maybe this'll make you feel happier, and save me having to feel AS bad :),18639/

Jessie said...

good, i'm glad you feel bad for me :)

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