Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Intervention Needed

Today, I, um fell down the stairs at work.  I was so immersed in my phone reading a work email that I missed the step and took the tumble nearly breaking my ankle. I am eternally grateful to God that there was no one there to see me and I can walk still.

My phone, jeesh, I hated it.  Really hated the whole thought of it.  iPhone, schmi phone.  So now of course I depend on it.  It has my work email, home email, phone capabilities, internet.  I have a camera, photos of my girl, and so much more. Can anyone say 'words with friends'?  Holla!

I am literally attached to my phone. I bring it from room to room with me at home. I'm constantly checking work email (SIGH!).  I have an intense relationship with my phone and it has gone too far.  An intervention is needed, people.

My love affair has gotten out of hand.  Really.  So bad that I'm falling down stairs reading emails rather than watching where I'm walking! I need to start a club entitled iPhone Addiction Anonymous.  I will be the president and my husband will also be a member.

Phone = life = dependency = wine = gulp = just down Jared's glass of wine = Jessie toasted

Nighty night for me!

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