Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday jabber, parenting 102, and why my blog sucks lately

So the holidays are almost done.  We entertained my inlaws for 2 weeks and they just left yesterday.  It was a splendid visit and they really enjoyed being with Lyla.  They definitely picked the best two weeks since during that time Lyla:  learned to crawl for real, learned to clap, got two teeth, and learned to feed herself finger food.  Yup, a stellar two weeks for the babe.  Christmas went by way to fast as usual but we enjoyed our time off with family and just playing with Lyla girl.

I imagine by now, I've mastered parenting 101.  That was easy.  When the baby is hungry, feed her.  When her diaper is soiled change it.  And when she is crying, comfort her.  So now we're in a whole new ballgame.  Lyla is mobile!  Parenting 102 is in session and I'm clueless.  So far, Lyla has been easy to take care of.  Now she is all over the place.  No more just putting her down anywhere.  No more just leaving her in her crib.  It's pure craziness and I have no idea how I'm going to work now.

To make matters worse, she's teething like crazy and up in the middle of the night because of it.  Poor thing!  And I can't really do much other than comfort her.  But I think the worst part of this is she's getting stuck in her crib.  Every time I put her in there, she tries to stand up (I've had to lower the crib) and gets her legs/arms stuck in the railings.  I feel just awful and am not certain I can do anything about this either since bumpers are not recommended and the breathable ones apparently suck.  So currently I'm trying to figure out parenting 102 with our mobile, teething child.  On the plus side, watching her develop is amazing. I'm so proud of her. She is still the light of my life.

In other news, my blog sucks as of late.  I've no time to write, take photos to post or anything.  Although, my new motto is there is no such thing as "don't have time".  We all have time to do whatever it is we choose.  So if you "don't have time" it's because you don't choose to do that thing you "don't have time for".  So yeah, instead of blogging, I'm choosing to play with Lyla, do laundry (ugh!), clean, or work.  I'm hoping for 2011, I'll be able to choose to blog because I'm going to master time management. Hell ya!

So here's to you, Happy New Year and peace and love for your 2011.

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Holly said...

I love the comment, "so if you don't have time it's because you don't choose to do that thing you don't have time for" It is so true and very similar to my motto which is "you have to make time for....or else it won't happen!"

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