Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A surprise

Jared came home from work one day last week hands full.  I took a look at my hearth in the TV room.

There is something different.  Hmmm....oh that thing.

Yes, he's new, that little guy.  What the hell?

Yeah, seriously?  It's a cast iron knight / fireplace kit - poker, brush, etc.  Jared says he got it on craigslist for a bargain but it's worth so much!  I said, to who?!

I said who sold that on craigslist?  He said some woman.  I said her poor husband probably bought it and she hated it so much she sold it on craigslist as soon as he left the house.  Kind of like what I'm going  to do.


Julie said...

Holy Smokes. This made Justin and I laugh sooooo hard!! And we are both 100% on your side! :)

christina said...

ME TOO. Wow. That's....something else.

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