Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Count Your Blessings Wednesdays

Today I'm ever so thankful for...

  1. Being able to work from home.  I tell ya when you wake up to rainy, gloomy days like today, the prospect of getting up and going outside really stinks.  So the fact that I can stay in a bed a bit longer with my family and go just downstairs to my office is wonderful.
  2. Recipes.  I don't cook - that's Jared's job.  But I love to bake and I've seen so many recipes lately I want to to find the time...
  3. Sweatpants.  Wow I love me a good pair of sweats.  Especially since they are mostly my attire during my work week.  
  4. The little things that make Lyla happy, Jared happy, and me happy.
  5. TV shows on the internet.  I don't watch much TV but the couple shows I like to watch that I can watch whenever I want! (Because we have no cable...)
  6. Wonderful inventions like cell phones, GPS, computers, teething rings, and bottle brushes.
  7. Music, especially Weezer of late.
  8. My new kicks - now if only I had time for walking/running in them.
  9. Halloween candy.
  10. Bibs that actually keep shirts dry.

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