Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a Pain! Literally...

It is THE absolute worse timing ever.  Tendinitis in my wrist is SO bad, I'm needing to wear a stupid cast and can barely type and/or hold Lyla.  I'm just devastated.  (This blog post will probably take me an hour to write...)

I won't even mention the fact that work is insane right now.  I don't think I've worked less than 10 hours a day in weeks.  Or not to mention I have an infant that needs to be held, fed, etc all requiring a good wrist.  Doc says I'll probably have to have surgery - wah!  How can one be so young yet have so many issues?  Jared says I should just move into the hospital as it will save me aggravation for sure.

So in any event, I'm going to be taking a breather from blogging these next few days/maybe weeks (with my huge event for work and my bum wrist I probably won't be able to anyways).  

Consider this my "Count Your Blessings Wednesday" in advance: I'm thankful for all my loyal readers who will still come back and read my blog when I'm back!

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