Sunday, September 19, 2010


We were very fortunate to get free tickets to see Carnival! at the Goodspeed last night.  I've lived in Connecticut all my life and never have been to the Goodspeed but have driven by it many a times.  We got all dressed up (I even wore heels!), brought Lyla to meet my mom in the parking lot to sit for us, and strolled up the path along the river to the theater.  The minute we saw a Tesla (a $100,000 + vehicle) park next to us, we thought we may be a bit out of our league but hey, poor people can go to the theater too!

The theater was gorgeous, full of charm, and as quaint as any New England town.  The grand staircase that you took to get to your chairs, delightful.  I felt like a queen or a fancy aristocrat just walking up it.  We had third row seats but to be honest, the theater was so intimate, any seat was fantastic.  I was so looking forward to the show and really unsure what to expect.

I was so pleasantly surprised for sure!  The show was amazing!  The story was about a naive, young girl looking to join the circus and a war veteran looking to revamp his life after a career-altering injury.  I just adored the story, loved watching the circus acts, and most of all the lead character, Lilli, was fantastic!  She stole your heart and even made me tear up a few times.  I could not believe how good this musical was.  I had no idea I could get such quality shows right in our neck of the woods.  Who needs Broadway!  

Anyways we  had a great time enjoying the show and then had drinks afterwards at this great Italian joint.  I even treated myself to a piece of pie.  After one glass of wine for me, I was toast and it was time to go back home to relieve our babysitters (grandma and grandpa).  I had been short on gas on the way in and Jared promised me we had enough to make it home.  But when the way home is full of back, country roads that are pitch black with no cellular signal, I pretty much panicked the entire journey thinking we'd be stuck!  But after all we made it home in one piece full of excitement from our fun night on the town.  I think we'll be paying the Goodspeed another visit soon!

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