Monday, September 20, 2010

Awesome Award Day!

I've decided I deserve an "I Am Awesome" Award today.  For those of you not in the know, if movie stars can win awards for acting well, and artists get awards for great albums - then I deserve an award when I do something good as well.

Why am I deserving today, you may wonder?  Here is why I get an Awesome Award for the day:

  1. I was up at 5am feeding Lyla.
  2. Not able to go back to sleep, I laid in bed rummaging through my to-do list in my head.
  3. Out of bed to make darling hubby his lunch and fresh fruit smoothie.
  4. Chugged down my cheerios as I started work around 7am.
  5. Babe wakes up and sits with me for a few hours while I work.
  6. Babe goes down for nap and I power work.
  7. Scarf down some lunch before babe wakes up.
  8. Babe wakes up and we do the cereal/bananer feeding then some bottle.
  9. Babe and I go to post office and dry cleaner.
  10. Back to work, babe playing.
  11. Babe then takes a short cat nap.
  12. I do dishes, lots of them and put lots of them away.
  13. Babe wakes up, eats, and back to work we go.
  14. 4pm we go upstairs where Lyla rolls around on the floor, I vacuum like a madwoman - the entire house.
  15. Back to work until about 5:30pm.
  16. I put laundry away, clean up the bathroom, and babe's room.
  17. I clean up the guest room and make the bed with clean sheets (my sis had stayed over last week).
  18. Babe and I run around the house cleaning up.
  19. 6:30 we play, read books, and just roll on the floor together for an hour.
  20. Bath time, bottle, bed time.
  21. Dinner is next - thankfully Jared cooked.
  22. Clean up dinner.
  23. Back to work.
  24. 10pm and I'm finally done with work for the night, got to write on the blog a bit, and watching my beloved Yankees.
Worked, cleaned, mothered, was a wife, got in some tube and a cup of tea - all with my wrist tendinitis throbbing all day.  It was a very successful day and I am awesome.

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