Monday, August 16, 2010

The Mail

I had a hard day today. Lyla was unhappy and didn't nap.  I had errands to run and it's not that easy running in and out of stores carrying an infant car seat.  I am so slammed at work.  Just to name a few reasons...

But then Jared brought in the mail.  First I got the most adorable thing for Lyla's room.  The Oceanic Alphabet! I have been looking for the perfect alphabet poster for her room and this one did the trick!  Since we did a bright colored theme in Lyla's room with some nautical aspects, this poster could not have been more perfect.  I can't wait to get a frame and hang it in her room!  Thanks to Lyndsay for designing it!  I'll post a photo when I've hung it up.

Secondly, I got a letter from Pantene Beautiful Lengths thanking me for donating hair.  That totally made my day.  I definitely will be donating my hair again soon!

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